Sarsaparilla Information


Avena Sativa (wild oats), throughout the ages,  has been used as a Sarsaparilla root (smilax medica) is a large woody vine. Any of various plants (as wild sarsaparilla, Aralia nudicaulis) that resemble or are used as a substitute for the sarsaparillas. The dried roots of any of several sarsaparillas of the genus Smilax (especially S. aristolochiaefolia, S. febrifuga, and S. regelii) used now especially as a flavoring and formerly for the diaphoretic, expectorant, and laxative effects of the saponins.


Sarsaparilla Root



Potential Side Effects:

There is no known toxicity or side effects documented for sarsaparilla, however ingestion of large dosages of saponins may cause gastro-intestinal irritation.