Wild Oats - Avena Sativa Information


Avena Sativa (wild oats), throughout the ages,  has been used as a natural aphrodisiac and strength enhancer by men and women. Avena sativa is an extract from wild oats straw, and a rather recent entry to the field of aphrodisiacs. While oats have a long reputation of being the most energizing grain, the alleged sexual effects have not commonly been recognized in previous centuries.

Avena sativa is said to free up bound testosterone in both men an women. Medicinal action and uses are primarily as a stimulant and antispasmodic. The pericarp of Oats contains an amorphous alkaloid which acts as a stimulant of the motor ganglia, increasing the excitability of the muscles, and in horses causes excitement.


Wild Oats



Potential Side Effects:

None reported