Deer Antler Information


The popularity and use of deer antler, often referred to velvet deer antler, consumption is on a rapid rise in the U.S. With its TV debut, this once "secret" and mysterious substance is no longer a stranger  to the anti-aging and health industries. Since antler possesses a myriad of attributes, many are beginning to pay attention. Athletes are known to consume antler to boost strength, nerve function and endurance, and to accelerate recuperation.  Others have touted antler as a natural alternative to Viagra.   And the anti-aging and wellness circles rely on antler to promote youthfulness, mental clarity and joint mobility, among other benefits.

Since the 1920's,  deer antler  extracts have been manufactured by Soviet state agencies for use in hospitals to assist with the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. It has also been used to accelerate the post-operative recovery of patients. In Korea-the biggest market in the world for antler-advocates claim this product can increase the stamina of athletes, improve mental function, treat sexual dysfunction and help control disease.

Deer antler is said to build up the body's natural defenses against disease, and provides increased energy for both men and women. According to reports from the Orient, Russia and New Zealand, antler generates hemoglobin (blood protein), controls blood pressure, increases lung efficiency, improves glandular functions, sharpens mental alertness, heals stomach ulcers and eases the diseases associated with aging.

According to Chinese herbal doctors, antler is used to strengthen memory and balance the endocrine system. The Chinese use antler as a tonic to maintain vibrant health and strengthen a weak body, promote rapid healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, treat menstrual disorders, and much more. According to studies by a Japanese scientist named Wang, a 1988 report explains that antler may have an anti-aging effect.